Clear Vision Cooling is the newest entity within the Bouwman Group, based in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. We as Clear Vision Cooling aim to outshine products at the shelf and to contribute in the reduction of food and energy spoilage! More specific:

  • Provide maximum visibility (“food beautification”)
  • Saving energy (with open refrigeration cabinets up to 50% spoilage!)
  • Invite the consumer to purchase products
  • Improve the durability of food


All our solutions need to comply to those starting points and need to have added value. Whether you’re an architect for a new store design or a franchisee which gladly wants to save energy, we ensure that your energy saving refrigeration solution will stand out from the crowd! Whether its doors for multidecks (Doors), covers for refrigeration or freezer islands (Covers) or LED lighting to highlight your products (E-Flex LEDs) … We will customize it to your needs!

NEW: Clear Vision Cooling partners with LedGo Interior Panels


Chiller doors for cooling cabinets