Straight, integrated and user friendly. Our unique patented horizontal covers for refrigeration islands give your customers the ability to access all glass covers simultaneously. Just more customer friendly!

Great view on your products

We work with a so-called three-layer push system ensuring your customer never gets disturbed by another customer picking something at the same time. The covers no longer meet each other and thus don’t hinder them on their choice. In addition, the customer has a better view than ever on the products displayed. Whether it be pizza, fish or ice …. The windows nowadays up to 1,250 millimeters and having a beautiful curve, offer the consumer a beautiful view on your products and enlarges the durability perception strongly. Therefore, the probability of selling is increasing. Larger glass covers also offer the advantage of less risks towards interference. The glass covers can be opened regardless of whether the refrigeration or freezer island has access from one side (wall model) or from both sides (the regular island).

Modular, elegant covers

You have the choice between curved or flat glass. The difference lies mainly in the design. The functionality is the same. You’re booking energy saving anyhow. And you can also choose between elegant covers of 625 millimeters or the aforementioned 1,250 mm width. In short, it is a modular system that we always adapt to your specific requirements. By that, you always will have a customized solution towards your refrigeration or freezer island. No matter if needed for new installs or as a retrofit for existing refrigeration and freezer islands. Finally, we want to highlight the integrated solution. One comprehensive aluminum profile ensuring that your covers and island become one single integrated unit. That gives your store a nice view. In addition, our unique E-Flex LED lightens your products so they stand out from the crowd!