Slide & Hide

Why choose Slide & Hide doors?

What if you have so many consumers in the aisles and each door opens on average once per minute? It means quite some air circulation and it becomes debatable if energy saving can be generated at that time. From this background the question was raised whether it is possible to temporarily put doors aside. And that is possible with our innovative state-of-the-art Slide & Hide! Depending on the store layout, they can be pushed aside to a warehouse or to a storage cabinet (which in turn can be functionally combined with a modern interactive video-wall). All through a simple and reliable guidance rail system, making the sliding of the doors aside a matter of minutes. If doors in use, your customer is experiencing the same opening and closing ease with our hydraulic hinge as also used for stationary door installations.

We also have clients who express the wish to have only six months doors. Think of tourist locations that have less shopping traffic from October to April or store owners wishing to regulate their shopping environment, via their refrigeration cabinets, during the four seasons of the year. That’s all possible with the Slide & Hide system! And the additional cost compared to conventional door solutions? This is limited! In short, if you want to further discuss with us your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us to do so!