Long Comfort Composite (LCC) Doors

Experience the next generation, even lighter, more isolating frames!

If you want to be assured of minimum energy consumption and maximum visibility of your products, you came to the right place! Our advanced composite double pane doors for multideck cabinets, roll-in milk cabinets, cold room cells, etc. are the perfect solution for you.

Over the last three years many supermarkets have built up positive experiences with our Long Comfort Composite (LCC) doors, consisting of two flat plastic sheets fixated in a composite profile. Taking it to the next steps, we have redesigned it in such a way that the doors will have an even lower weight and an even more isolating frame.


Benefits of the LCC doors for multideck cabinets:

  • Half the weight of glass
  • Maximum visibility of products & minimum energy consumption
  • Design freedom & flexibility
  • Double pane isolation & maximal efforts to no condensation
  • Enlarged durability thanks to anti-scratch coating

As mentioned above, not only do we offer you the freedom to design and customize your own doors (think of the width, frame colour, handle type, door dimensions, etc.), but we also have short delivery times. Thanks to a special mounting system and the light weight of the doors, we can install the doors in a very short time. In addition, the doors are very safe and easy to operate without the risk of crushing hands and fingers.



Maximal efforts to no condensation with our LCC doors


Maintenance-free hydraulic hinges

To ensure a tight alignment of the doors that at the same time give a straight look and feel to your customers, we bring new hydraulic hinges to the market. Benefits of these hinges are among others:

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Hermetically sealed and no leakage of oil
  • Water resistant
  • 500.000 opening and closing movements guaranteed
  • Integrated in such a way that they are almost invisible

The hydraulic hinges also allow the doors to be maintenance-free. Good to know for your busy store, where your refrigeration section continually has to perform and the sales must go on.

The base system of both the Full Vision door and the Long Comfort Composite door are the same, which means that the doors are interchangeable. Basically, a cabinet can be prepared in such a way that it is possible to choose between the LCC door or the FV door up to the installation.

If you like to receive more information about our LCC doors, please contact us.