With so many suppliers of LED solutions these days, why choose our E-Flex LED? With decennia of experiences in retail and the usage of refrigeration cabinets, we know how to present products as well as how to enlarge their durability.

Vertical E-Flex LED

With our E-Flex LED we offer you a specific solution for each application that brings your products to the attention of consumers. From vegetables and fruit, dairy, fish, meat or frozen foods in a supermarket to new architectural concepts for refrigeration cabinets in restaurants or gas stations. With our flexible LED light strips we can adjust to your dimensions and preferences. There are fixtures for all types of refrigerators and freezers. It does not matter whether they are multi-decks or cooling and freezer islands. Our E-Flex LED is never standard, but always custom made!


Prefered image for your store

With new and improved optical lenses, our Vertical E-Flex LED solution ensures equalized luminosity across the whole cabinet. Thanks to the very robust profile and the flexible mounting system, the Vertical E-Flex LED strips are very easily installed, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Benefits of the Vertical E-Flex LED:

  • New, improved optical lenses ensure equalized luminosity
  • Very robust profile & flexible mounting system
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Universally applicable
  • Full range light temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, special meat & dairy LED


E-Flex Shelf and Magnet LED

Using LED underneath every shelf makes sure that every product in the cabinet is presented in a beautiful way. Therefore, we offer you our high quality E-Flex Shelf and Magnet LED, specially designed for food retail. Both the E-Flex Shelf LED and the E-Flex Magnet LED are available in every size and colour temperature, so that even your meat, fish and dairy products are presented nicely. Installation can be done very fast, thanks to the magnet or clip mounting system.

Benefits of the E-Flex Shelf and Magnet LED:

  • High quality LED, specially designed for food retail
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexibility for shelf repositioning
  • Available in every colour temperature
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to E-FLEX mounting* system

*magnet mounting system or clips mounting system


E-Flex Meat LED 

Wondering how to lighten meat products without spoiling its durability? For many retailers this is a known problem. We are proud that our LED lighting solutions have been chosen by KMI, a major installer for Specialty Butchers (so-called Keurslagers) in the Netherlands, as the ones that can best address this challenge. No discoloration of meat, no shortening of shelf life. Say goodbye to meat fluorescent lamps!

Tasteful outshining meat

Benefits of the E-Flex Meat LED:

  • High quality LED, specially designed for food retail
  • Tasteful outshining meat
  • Low energy consumption
  • Invites the customer to purchase products
  • Easy to install thanks to E-FLEX mounting system


E-Flex Fishplate LED

Looking for a way to expose your fish products in a beautiful way? Don’t look any further! The E-Flex LED fish plate is designed as a plate to expose fish products. The top layer of the fish plate represents ice flakes illuminated from the backside with cool white LED lighting.

Benefits of the E-Flex Fishplate LED:

  • Exposes fish products in a beautiful way
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to install thanks to E-Flex LED system
  • More robust solutions & easy to clean
  • Available in different dimensions