Full Vision Doors

Minimum energy consumption & maximum visibility, what else do you want?

Our Full Vision (FV) door is our newest lightweight double pane insulation solution, made of plastic PET material. Totally frameless and symmetrical design. The door consists of a thermoformed interior sheet that is combined with a flat exterior sheet: nothing more, nothing less. Designed to be robust and durable. For that we apply glass silicate layers on the plastic sheets to enhance scratch resistance and anti-fouling.

Let’s not forget that the Full Vision door is suitable for 100% circular use. It’s based on the same monomers as we all use every day in our PET bottles! If after years renewal would be on the horizon, we can apply deposit money for proper circular re-usage of the doors.

apet plastic bottle-granulate-door

Benefits of the Full Vision door:

  • High optical quality and outstanding clarity
  • Maximum visibility of products & minimum energy consumption
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Glass silicate coating to enlarge durability
  • Frameless, double pane full vision
  • High quality water resistant hydraulic hinge system

Maintenance-free hydraulic hinges

To ensure a tight alignment of the doors that at the same time give a straight look and feel to your customers, we bring new hydraulic hinges to the market. Benefits of these hinges are among others:

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Hermetically sealed and no leakage of oil
  • Water resistant
  • 500.000 opening and closing movements guaranteed
  • Integrated in such a way that they are almost invisible

The hydraulic hinges also allow the doors to be maintenance-free. Good to know for your busy store, where your refrigeration section continually has to perform and the sales must go on.

The base system of both the Full Vision door and the Long Comfort Composite door are the same, which means that the doors are interchangeable. Basically, a cabinet can be prepared in such a way that it is possible to choose between the LCC door or the FV door up to the installation.

If you like to receive more information about our FV doors, please contact us.